Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Leibinger ECOSOLV Solvent Recycling System

Solvent Recycling - Recycling Equipment

Leibinger ECOSOLV – the solvent recycling system for Leibinger Ink-Jet printers. The solvent consumption of the Leibinger JET 2 SE is already very low. With the new, innovative Leibinger solvent recycling system, the Leibinger ECOSOLV, the consumption can be reduced considerably!

The system condenses the evaporated solvent of the printer’s out-going air and carries it back to the reservoir tank. ECOSOLV has been especially developed for use in environments with high temperatures (>20°C, >70°F), because in high ambient temperatures the evaporation increases significantly and therefore also the solvent consumption. With these higher temperatures the saving with ECOSOLV is more than 50% of the normal consumption.

The solvent recycling system can be used with all current dye-based standard inks and also with several of our pigmented inks.

ECOSOLV can be ordered as an option for new Ink-Jet printers of the type JET 2 SE. ECOSOLV can be also delivered as a retrofit kit for all existing printers of the series Leibinger JET 2 and Leibinger JET 2 SE. The retrofit kit contains the compact, complete pre-assembled ECOSOLV-system, as well as a special cabinet back plate for the printer. The system is then installed in the hydraulic section in the designated area. Only a small air outlet port in the back wall shows that the Leibinger JET 2 SE printer is now fitted out with the effective solvent recycling system ECOSOLV.

Leibinger ECOSOLV saves solvent and therefore money – but not only in terms of economical point of view but also in terms of ecological impact that weighs heavily in favor of the use of ECOSOLV:Due to the saving of solvent the guidelines for solvent reduction which are becoming even more strict can be fulfilled. At the same time ECOSOLV offers an effective solution to keep the guidelines for evironmental protection.

Reduction of solvent used in production, less storage of consumables, prevention of waste, longer refill intervals and considerable financial savings!

All strong arguments in favor of the Leibinger ECOSOLV!


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