FEP Multi-Channel Distillation Column Packing

Solvent Recycling - Recycling Equipment


Solvent recycling saves money and is good for the environment. Using our PFE column packing, solvents can be efficiently recovered and reused, reducing environmental burden and spent solvent disposal costs. With the proper column height, solvents can be restored to their original purity or better.

The packing's unique geometric shape was developed in our chemical R&D laboratories for the purification of deuterated solvents and solvent recovery. Liquid does not pool irregardless of packing orientation. The surface is completely inert to polar and non-polar solvents, acids and bases, thereby eliminating any possible metal, organo-metalic, or monomer contamination as when using other packing materials. Due to the inert nature of PFE, cleaning and drying the packing for later use is easy and straight forward.

As an example of its distillation efficiency, we were able to produce 99.9% atom D2O from water using regular types of distillation columns and receivers. We have also distilled organic solvents to 99.99% purity and have recycled these for our own use. If you are interested in solvent recovery, whether for HPLC, HPLC-NMR, wet chemistry or other use, Norell's PFE column packing is the leading product of choice.