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National Chemical Laboratories Inc.

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National Chemical Laboratories Inc. is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a half million square foot manufacturing and operations center. We utilize large, high-pressure reactors for the production of captive raw materials used in many of our products. With a combined inventory of over 3 million gallons of raw material and finished products, our facility is one of the largest of its type in the United States. Our on-site, computerized laboratory is staffed by industry-renowned chemists, who help develop new and cutting-edge product formulations while assuring that these products meet our rigorous quality control standards. Our comprehensive range of cleaning and maintenance systems offers the advantage of single sourcing for all of your janitorial chemical needs. Whether it's hard surface resilient floors, natural stone or ceramic tile care, carpet care, green cleaning programs, restroom sanitation, industrial maintenance, supermarkets or foodservice, there's an NCL product program designed to maximize labor efficiency and control cleaning budgets.

nnovative technology has been the cornerstone of our growth, with high performance products such as BARE BONES No-Rinse, No-Scrub, Liquefying Stripper, which has set the standard for performance for nearly a decade. More recent innovations, such as our ONE Labor Saving Sealer/Finish, created the first super high solids floor finish with excellent leveling characteristics.

NCL is committed to developing "green" formulations and leading the sanitary maintenance industry in environmental and health issues. NCL chemists are committed to continually evaluating and improving our products to create a more positive environmental profile. We have a proud past of pioneering significant new products and are poised for dramatic innovation in the years ahead!

NCL recognizes that proper instruction is essential to the correct, effective use of our products. Intensive training programs are conducted at our "state-of-the-art" 8,000 sq. ft. training center located in Philadelphia, PA. These programs offer both classroom and hands-on training to provide a complete learning experience. Our CD-ROM Interactive Training Modules and manuals provide a well-rounded understanding of surfaces and proper maintenance procedures.

Corporate Office:

National Chemical Laboratories, Inc.
401 N. 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Judy Stryjewski
Coordinator, Distributor Services
Toll-Free: 800-628-2436, Ext. 271
Fax: (215) 922-5517
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Toll-Free: (800) NAT-CHEM (628-2436)
Phone: (215) 922-1200
Fax: (215) 922-5517
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  • Floor Care
    • Finishes
    • Sealers
    • Strippers
    • Buffing Compounds
    • Cleaners & Maintainers
    • Dust Mop Treatments
    • Wood Floor Care
    • Rubber Care
    • Static Dissipative Floor Care
    • Earth Sense®
  • Stone Care
    • Marble Care
    • Terrazzo Care
    • Granite Care
    • Ceramic Tile Care
    • Routine Maintenance
    • Specialty Cleaning & Maintenance
    • Stone Protection
    • Coatings
  • Earth Sense®
    • All-Purpose Cleaners
    • Floor Care
    • Hand Care
    • Multi-Surface Cleaners
    • Glass & Window Cleaners
    • Degreaser Cleaners
    • Floor Care
    • Disinfectants
    • Restroom Products
  • Carpet Care
    • All-In-One™ Encapsulating Carpet Care
    • Carpet Care Cleaners
    • Carpet Care Pre-Sprays
    • Carpet Care Spot Removers
    • Carpet Care - Heavy Duty
    • Carpet Care Treatments
    • TWIN POWER™ Carpet Care
  • General & Specialty
    • Aerosols
    • Automotive
    • General Purpose Degreaser Cleaners
    • Glass & Window Cleaners
    • TWIN POWER™ Glass & Window Cleaners
    • General Purpose Cleaners
    • Polishes
    • TWIN POWER™ Degreaser Cleaners
    • Citrus Degreaser Cleaners
    • RTU Degreaser Cleaners
    • Industrial Products
  • Disinfectant Care
    • Quaternary Disinfectants
    • Phenolic Disinfectants
    • Pine Oil Disinfectants
    • TWIN POWER™ Disinfectants
    • Ready-To-Use Disinfectants
    • Aerosol Disinfectants
    • Disinfectant Bowl & Bathroom Cleaners
  • Restroom Care
    • Disinfectant Bowl & Bathroom Cleaners
    • Bowl & Bathroom Cleaners
    • General Restroom Cleaners
    • Twin Power Restroom Products
    • Restroom Deodorizers
    • Creme Cleansers
    • Bio-Enzymatic Screens & Cages
    • Bio-Enzymatic Cleaners
  • Odor Control
    • Waterbased
    • Citrus Based
    • Bio-Enzymatic
  • Hand Care
    • Earth Sense® Hand Cleaners
    • Natural Type
    • Synthetic Type
    • Anti-Microbial Hand Cleaners
    • Hand & Body Wash
    • Sanitizing
    • Unison™ Hand Cleaners
  • Bio-Enzymatic Care
    • Drain Maintenance Products
    • Deodorizers & Digesters
    • Deodorizer / Cleaners
    • Urinal Screens & Rim Cages
    • Carpet Products
  • Food Service
    • CleanSMART™
    • Sanitizers
    • Dish Detergents
    • Foaming Degreasers
    • Degreaser Cleaners
    • Bio-Enzymatic Products
    • Hand Cleaners


  • Stone Care Equipment
    • Floor Pads
    • Equipment
    • Pad Drivers
    • Diamonds
    • Combo Pad Brushes
    • Maintenance Brushes
  • Chemical Management Systems
    • TWIN POWER™ Equipment
    • FLEX-LOCK™ Equipment
    • UNI POWER™ Equipment
    • CleanSMART™ Equipment
  • Carpet Care Equipment
  • Hand Cleaner Dispensing Equipment
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Floor Maintenance Pads

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