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Chartwell – Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit on Nov 11-13 2009

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Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay  •  Tampa, Florida  •  Nov. 11- 13, 2009

The Chartwell – Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit is an annual executive level conference focused on the commercial management of wastes in Canada and the United States.  The conferences scope includes recycle/ruse, waste to energy, waste treatment, and waste disposal. The conference’s focus is on the business of managing waste constituents coming from post consumer sources like food waste, plastics, paper, metals, and universal wastes.  This conference is regularly attended by top executives in commercial hazardous and universal waste management field.  The conference agenda is designed to foster networking amongst the attendees through group social events and group discussion.

Chartwell – Envirobiz Waste Industry Summit

Summit Background The solid waste market has become increasingly segmented and specialized as society has recognized the need for constituents within the solid waste universe to be managed differently. Today, the solid waste market breaks down into distinct markets such as construction and demolition debris, hazardous waste, medical waste, universal waste, non-hazardous industrial waste, and most recently, electronic wastes. The Chartwell-Envirobiz Industrial Summit's purpose is to bring together representatives from these various market segments to engage in an exchange of information, perspective, and opinions.

These segments are linked by common customer bases, ranging from households to manufacturing establishments.  They face similar challenges in finding the most effective waste collection program and transportation options.  Many market segments also face similar mandates to utilize a variety of different types of facilities, ranging from recycling/reuse alternatives to land disposal.

The Summit agenda provides speakers from specific market segment experts that provide facts, insight, perspective, and opinions, which

  • Demonstrate how differing segments address the waste management needs of similar, or even identical, customer bases;
  • Determine how various market drivers impacting certain segments can have similar effects across multiple segments
  • Establish connections across even historically divergent segments

The Summit provides a unique opportunity for decision-makers and experts to spend high-quality, productive time developing further professional contacts within, and more understanding of, the wide universe of solid waste management.

Invitations to the Chartwell Solid Waste Industry Summit will be sent to North America’s top waste industry company presidents, top marketing & sales executives, and corporate strategic planners. The Summit’s content and schedule for the event is designed to provide ample opportunity for peer-level discussions after formal presentations and during informal networking opportunities.

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